How should I respond to an initial request, problem or issue presented by my customer? - Sample
If you describe the way your customer presented a request, problem or issue to you . . .

We will provide you with the best questions to ask your customer in order to:

  • Learn about the underlying need,
  • Explore possible causes and explanations, and
  • Clarify expectations.

For each question we will also tell you why you should ask it and what to look for when your customer responds.

When your customer presents you with a request, problem or issue you should always ask at least a few probing questions. Sometimes you may only have a few minutes to conduct this preliminary "situation assessment," so you'll need to ask the best questions possible. If you want advice about the best questions to ask in response to a specific customer request or concern, please continue.

Tip You can also learn more about effective situation assessments by visiting  Conducting a Situation Assessment.

Even if you only know your customer's general area of concern, you can use this advisor to help prepare for an upcoming meeting or phone call by examining a few of the most commonly voiced requests and problems within that general area.


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